Customer Interviews TIPS


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If Pairing Works for Programming, Why Can’t it Work for Interviewing?

Why do the hard work of interviewing your customers when you can have your customers interview themselves? Anders Ramsay explains the idea of pair interviewing where you ask users to “interview one another, while moderating their discussion.” This approach encourages the users to explore domain specific subtleties and to be more open with their feedback.

How Psychology Can Help You Get the Most Out of Your Customer Interviews

As customers, most of our purchasing decisions are driven by a mix of memories, emotions, and thoughts in our unconscious mind that “we’re not aware of or that we can’t articulate.” Elizabeth Wellington explains how to use techniques from psychology in your interviews to translate your customer’s motivations, feelings and experiences into actionable feedback about your product.

Are You Making One of these Five Customer Interview Mistakes?

Do you ask your customers to predict the future? Teresa Torres joined the PragmaticLive podcast to describe common customer interview mistakes and what to do instead. Listen in to find out why it’s better to have your customers tell stories than to mimic a magic 8 ball.

How to Interview Your Customers So You Can Understand Their Problems

When you interview your customers you find out if you’re headed in the right direction with your product or if you need a map to get back on track. Jason Wilcox describes how to use interviews to understand your customer’s problem and help them solve it.

How to Find and Interview the Customers You Don’t Have Yet

What do you do when you want to find out about your customer’s needs when you don’t have any customers? Thomas Carney shares stories from his experience about how to identify potential customers, set up an interview with them, and discover the things that you don’t know you don’t know.

Why You are Asking the Wrong Customer Interview Questions

Teresa Torres has found that people are often very quick to share what their priority is when choosing to buy something. But, on further questioning, it’s revealed that there are other priorities that are actually more important to them. So when conducting customer interviews we must pose questions carefully so as not to be fooled by a person’s own deceptions of themselves.

Customer Development/Problem Interviewing

Customer development is a numbers game — the more people you speak with, the clearer it is to identify trends and insights. For her startup, Julia Lazaro performed more than 60 interviews and has valuable techniques to share on how to conduct them.

Turning Info into Insights with the Customer Interview Pyramid

Once you have completed the interview, how do you effectively communicate the findings to your team and higher-ups? At Atlassian, Sherif Mansour uses a framework that structures the process of observing what the interviewee is saying, interpreting the problems that they are suffering and, ultimately, connecting these with opportunities for the business.

What They Really Think about You: How to Structure and Conduct Customer Interviews

To conduct an interview of value, it’s imperative that you prepare accordingly. Tien Anh Nguyen reminds us that you need to know the types of questions you’ll be asking, how to validate the interviewee and how to structure your time.