Growth Hacking TIPS


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Product Management 2.0: A Growth Story

“Are product roadmaps still relevant? How should product managers prioritize features or improvements? Can product management learn anything from the growth hacking movement?” Alex Davis tackles these questions based on his experiences moving from growth hacking to full-time product management and explains why you may want to replace your roadmap with a feature pipeline. (via @DavisMTL)

How to do Growth Product Management by Dropbox Product Manager

The idea of growth hacking has gained a lot of popularity in the last five years, but most people who talk about it really don’t know what it is. In this video, Willie Tran defines clear definitions around growth and explains “how Growth is fundamentally different from Marketing” and how “Growth Product Management can be quite different from traditional Product Management.” (via @productschool)

Product Growth Hacker is the Product Manager 2.0

As a product manager, you are used to driving “the vision, strategy, design and execution” of your product. As the speed of technology increases and your customers can easily find alternatives to your solution, you need to approach problems with a growth hacking mindset. Giacomo Lami explains that product managers can use growth hacking to find “a strategy within the parameters of a scalable and repeatable method for growth, driven by product and inspired by data.” (via @giacomolami)

Product Managers Should Growth Hack

Most product managers are sceptical of growth hacking due to a misunderstanding of the concept or because the idea of growth hacking seems at odds with building such a great product that users can’t live without it. Greig Cranfield explains that “Growth hacking and focusing on user growth is a mentality, not a set of skills and introducing some of that thinking into product management can be a major key in the success of products breaking through the noise.” (via @GreigCranfield)

The Definitive Guide to Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is the term applied to a situation where people “using their knowledge of product and distribution, find ingenious, technology-based, avenues for growth that sometimes push the bounds of what is expected or advised.” The concept is primarily used in startups, but product people in larger organizations are starting to use the techniques as well. Neil Patel and Bronson Taylor created this definitive guide to help people understand growth hacking and use it to their advantage. (via @neilpatel)