Jobs to be Done TIPS


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When Jobs to be Done Backfires

Stefano Zorzi reminds us that Jobs to Be Done is “a tool and it is not any better than the way it gets used”. And that you have to be careful to avoid the “outcome trap”. It’s one thing identifying an outcome (the hole, not the drill) for your product, but you are then faced with the prospect of having to actually deliver it.

Designing Features Using Job Stories

Alan Klement describes how one team used the design technique of Job Stories to design a profile page in a product.

Know Your Customers’ “Jobs to Be Done”

Clayton M. Christensen and other architects of Jobs to Be Done provide in this article the ultimate introduction and overview to the framework.

Discovering Why People Buy Your Product (and Why They Fire It)

In his talk at INDUSTRY 2015, Chris Spiek of the Rewired Group spoke of how people decide to use, or not use, your product. This video provides hugely valuable tactics for getting to the heart of why people choose to buy things and will help you create messaging that works every time.

What I Learned from Doing 100 Jobs-to-be-Done Interviews

You cannot take a shortcut with JTBD interviews. The more you do, the better you get and the clearer insights and trends will become. After Amrita Gurney hit the 100 interviews mark, she made a note of what she learned during the experience.

How to Do a Jobs to be Done Interview

A JTBD interview often jumps between being highly structured and very loose. It’s important that you allow the conversation to meander and to dig deep into talking points. But to understand the full timeline of the customer’s purchase event, you must ask all the right questions. Jason Evanish lists many great examples, along with general tips on how to approach interviews.

Jobs to be Done — Getting Started

When Highrise was spun out as a separate business from Basecamp, new CEO Nathan Kontny faced a changing marketplace for CRMs like his. With a wealth of options available to customers, he knew that he had to find their positioning sweet spot to be successful. He started JTBD interviews to look for insights and learned a lot along the way.

Mastering Jobs to be Done Interviews

We, Product Collective, recently had the great fortune to work directly with Bob Moesta, one of the key architects of the Jobs to be Done (JTBD) framework, on a series of interviews with former attendees of our conference, INDUSTRY. We recorded the whole thing and wrapped it up in a three-part podcast where you’ll get to hear us preparing, conducting and dissecting the interviews.