Pricing TIPS


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The Psychology Behind What We’ll Pay

Jory MacKay explores some key tactics in pricing psychology you need to know. Some of the details he covers include: short numbers feel cheaper than long ones, people hate paying for something they’ve already consumed, and raising prices less than 10% is fine.

A Pricing Framework for Product Managers

Would you like a clear cut way to price your product that results in increased sales and profits? (Wouldn’t we all…) Brainmates describes a pricing framework in this whitepaper that just may help you do that.

Free Sells, with the Right Business Model

Rich Mironov explains that free can be a powerful pricing tool, as long as “you know what you intend to sell/upsell alongside your free offering, and that customers/users will somehow pay for your value.”

Who Owns Pricing?

The answer is it depends based on what you mean by the question. Mark Stiving suggests that if you meant to ask “who sets the price?” then the answer is someone on the product team. Mark explains his reasoning in this article along with explaining why you should use value based pricing to set the price.

Pricing is Product Management

In this podcast, Patrick Campbell from Price Intelligently shares strategies and tactics you can use to price your product and what you can do to increase the perceived value of your offerings.