Product Validation TIPS


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How market research can validate your product idea

“When you have an idea for a digital product or service that’s going to change your market, resist the urge to jump right into bringing this idea to life. As a corporate leader, intrapreneur, or entrepreneur, you’re likely steeped in your industry and feel excited and ready to design, wireframe, and iron out all the details. However, this approach skips the product validation process within your market, which is crucial to your success.” The folks at DeveloperTown share five steps you can take to validate a product in your market.

Why market validation is important and how you should go about it

There is more to starting a new business or launching a new product than All it means is that waking up one morning with a seemingly brilliant idea. Tamanna Mishra explains that one of the best ways to proceed after you have your idea is to find validation in the market and describes how to go about doing it.

How to validate your product ideas

One of the most important aspects of starting a business is validating that there is a demand for your products. There is nothing more discouraging than spending your time and energy creating a product that you think people will love, only to realize that there’s no interest when you launch. Nimi Kular’s experience with her family business has taught her there are a number of effective ways to validate whether or not you’re selling something people want. Nimi shared five strategies to validate your product that she personally recommends.

9 Entrepreneurs Reveal How They Validated Their Business Idea

For his book How We Did It: 100 entrepreneurs share the story of their struggles and life experiences, published earlier this month, Anand Srinivasan interviewed several entrepreneurs about their process for generating ideas and how they validated them. Here are some interesting insights and advice from nine of those entrepreneurs.

Lean Market Validation: 10 Ways to rapidly test your startup idea

Market validation involves interviews with people in your target market to determine whether your product is of interest to a given target market. It “almost always takes place before you’ve made a significant investment in your product/concept.” After using lean market validation to launch several software products, Jim Semick has discovered that with the right process even inexperienced entrepreneurs can bring amazing products to market with excited buyers on the first day. In this post, Jim describes 10 ways you can use confirm whether you have a product/market fit with real customers.

Seek ‘no’ During Product Validation

When seeking validation, it’s natural to desire a positive response. Avoid this impulse, says Ryan Frederick, and structure your questions so as to give people the permission to provide negative responses. The result will be honest, more valuable feedback.

Product Validation

A lengthy Product Requirements Document (PRD) is a dangerous thing. It contains a considerable amount of work to be completed and it is trusted that the creator has confidence in its contents. Marty Cagan insists that it’s incumbent on the product team to validate the feasibility of the project and the usability and desirability of the product.